How to post photos in comments

Here’s a very short tutorial on photo comments. I’ve noticed a few failed attempts, so here’s the magic behind posting photos in comments:

You must fully form the correct html code for photo to display correctly. Thus, you need the URL for the image that you’d like to display (only freely available images, please!) and a little typing to make it work.

Once again, as Swade has mentioned in previous posts and comments, embedded video on this site is not handled well by IE. Please post video links only.

Keep reading after the jump for the details.

UPDATES: You would not believe the differences in what I see and what is shown on the actual &$#% page. Even malformed html wants to render rather than display. I think that it’s right now. I’ll not do this again, I can assure you….

For the image only, I suggest this bit of code. Please note that the width only is specified — your browser formats the photo in the correct aspect ratio with the single dimension specified. If you specify both height and width, you run the risk of distorting the image with the wrong dimensions — it may look compacted or stretched. Also note that SaabsUnited works best with a width of 500 pixels or smaller. I suggest 400 as a maximum simply to save your friends here at SU a little scrolling. The “alt” section specifies a title that’s displayed by the browser should your photo link fail for whatever reason.


<img src=”” width=”400″ alt=”900″/>


For the image with a link to the picture (or anywhere else), I suggest this bit of code. The “a href” section specifies the link, while the “img src” section is the picture:

<a href=”” title=”SaabsUnited”><img src=”” width=”400″ alt=”900″/> </a>


Happy Coding!!

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