Late mail – Saab Support Convoys

The final two Saab Support Convoys for this week have sent in their pictures and stories – and one of them was a complete surprise!!
Saab Support Convoy – Ekaterinburg, Russia
There were 29 vehicles, including a couple of surprises, in the convoy at Ekaterinburg. Check out all the photos at the link. Congratulations to all of you!
Saab Support Convoy – Bodoe, Norway
I think the Norwegians are doing their formal convoy next week because a lot of them travelled to Trollhattan on the 17th.
Bodoe is a little too far north for that (1,200kms north of Oslo) so some of the Saab faithful got together and had a convoy of their own 🙂
We also have an update on the Saab Support Convoy in Moscow:

As we had very little time to organize our convoy (to inform everybody, to order stickers and posters and to choose the place) the scenario was approved just the day before the event.
We met at the former Khodinskoe Airfield. Over 120 cars were present but after 30 minutes we were forced to leave because of the police :(. We started driving to the Vorobyevi Gori (Sparrow Mountains if translate literally) to gather near Moscow State University. This happened in a nervous atmosphere because we were pursued by police cars, so we were forced to redirect all the participants to a parking place outside Moscow (Rumyantsevo).
Unfortunately in this turmoil some cars were lost, but we were lucky to get 93 cars to get the picture I sent you before.
That’s the story. So I think we can say that the route was Khodinskoe Airfield – Moscow State Univesity – Rumyantsevo.

Moscow SSCScript.jpg

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