Memo to The Economist – We never gave up hope for Saab!

As written in The Economist today:

Last month, after two attempts to find a buyer for Saab had failed, GM ordered the winding-down of the firm’s operations. Even the brand’s many supporters, mobilised by the website Saabs United, had given up hope…..

But this is a bit more like it:

Whether Saab will survive in the long term is less clear. Its new 9-5 is a good-looking car and Saab’s engineers are relishing the chance to show what they can do when liberated from the dead hand of GM. But sales will need to recover quickly from fewer than 40,000 cars last year to nearer 100,000. Much will also depend on Saab’s ability to produce distinctive cars assembled from a medley of components bought from suppliers. The task is hard, but with the reservoir of goodwill that Saab can still tap, it is not impossible.

The road Saab faces is a tough one, but for the tenacious, no road is impassable, right?
Griffin Up!

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