Minor housekeeping updates

This is a busy, busy time for Swade and I know that all of you appreciate his work here. There are a few things that are always difficult to keep current, and they go double right at the moment.
I’ve just cleared the queue of “pending” comments that need manual approval, and I’ve also worked through the huge cache of “spam” comments. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — this site gets a truly astonishing amount of spam comments. It’s a testament to great software that the comments section is even remotely useful. A couple of notes:
1. Take a look before posting a link. If someone above your comment has posted a similar link, your comment has a doubly remote chance of appearing right away. Refrain from posting what others have already posted. That will help.
2. If you’ve not already, sign up for a Movable Type identifier or some reciprocating identifier. If you’re “logged in”, your comment has a much better chance at being posted.
The fact that we have such active tipsters is a huge part of the positive experience at SU, so keep the tips coming, just be a little more vigilant when you do. It will help Swade a great deal.
I’ll also take this opportunity to put in a good word for our sponsors. Please patronize them whenever you have a little cash in your pocket and you simply must spend it. To me, it shows that the Saab community isn’t backing down, we’re moving ahead. Supporting our faithful Saab retailers is as one of the stronger signals we can send to GM and the prospective Saab buyers — that the Saab business case is strong.

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