Monday morning snippets

Monday morning……Grrrrrrrr.
Guess who’s not on holidays anymore.
In what feels way too much like an obituary, MSNBC are putting together a gallery of readers and their Saabs.
Click here to send one in and maybe include some text to let them know that Saab ain’t dead yet. Maybe even point them to SU and let them know they can help!
Thanks to raquettelaker2!!
From the print edition of Autocar this week/month/whatever

Saab sob story makes bad reading for GM
The closure of Saab is a tragedy. You can’t blame General Motors for shutting it; as one senior GM executive memorably said to us, ” Saab is a luxury we can no longer afford,” But you can blame the US firm for allowing it to get into such bad shape.
GM’s tenure of Saab will be remembered as one of missed opportunity, terrible mismanagement and a complete failure to make the sort of cars befitting a global brand. Instead of giving Saab the support it needed, the management stupidly tried to shoehorn Cadillac into Europe. Saab is a terrific company and GM threw it way.

Can’t. Let. Saab. Die.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in campaigns over the last few weeks to try and bring GM into the spotlight on the Saab sale.
I know it takes some effort and I know the situation has been confusing and frustrating at various times. I know the lack of feedback from some of these people can make you reluctant to try again but I just want to reassure that whilst the individual voice may get lost, there’s a chance that a collective voice will be heard and make a difference.
We have managed to get some media attention so far, and GM will have picked up on that. They see everything that’s written about them, every day.
It’s up to the buyers and the seller to get this deal done. But we can hopefully have an influence on their thinking along the way.
Stay the course. Support the company where you can.
And thankyou. I can tell you from internal messages that I’ve seen at Saab that they notice and appreciate the support they’re receiving.
WooDz took some inspiration from the SnowSaab 92 shown here the other day and built an Aero-X in his driveway!!!

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