Monday Night Snippets – tasteless

Tidying up a few stories from the weekend and some things that should come from comments to the front page…..
Saab Canada, which quite possibly doesn’t exist right now, has seemingly freed itself from the shackles of a GM web presence. Instead, when you visit, you get asked if there’s something else you’d like to look at.
Even worse, if you’re looking at a bookmarked link of the Saab 9-5 wagon there, you get offered a Cadillac CTS wagon instead!
SaabCaddy Canada.jpg
My understanding is that the 9-5 wagon is still being produced for 2010, by the way. It’s the old Dame Edna model, which will be replaced by the new generation in 2011.
Dagens Industri are sticking to their story about the Saab 9-5 parts in Russelsheim being earmarked for shipping to China.
This comes despite Bob Lutz’s denial of the story in Detroit today. Kudos to DI for double checking and sticking to their guns.
Shine the light, Mr Media. All we can do here is provide the light bulb. They have to turn it on and point it.
Some people are wondering what’s going on at the plant in Trollhattan today.
TTELA and others are reporting that it’s business as not-so-usual, with the first Saab 9-3 Convertibles coming off the line.
The convertible, of course, was previously made at the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria.
Some people are wondering what’s happening with Saab’s management.
Right now, absolutely nothing.
It’s my understanding that the management of Saab would be superseded by the liquidator from Alix Partners once that particular appointment is approved by the Swedish government and the green light is given by GM for them to move in. That hasn’t happened as yet.
Temp extremes:
In Melbourne, Australia today:
And in Norway, late last week:
Thanks to Alex and Tormod for the images.
And of course, how can I forget the Times Online article from the weekend, stating that Bernie Ecclestone would like to make Saab a player in motorsport again.
They cite Formula 1 as the possibility, but I’d put my house on rallying being the prime candidate.
Not as expensive, more relevant to history and culture.
Either way, it’d be some time before Saab could compete, though the Ecclestone connection could possibly speed up the development of a suitable platform for a 9-1 that could be used on the dirt 🙂

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