More news – Saab Support Convoys

Added convoys in SoCal and in Beijing!!
I’ve received some more advice on new Saab Support Convoys taking place this coming weekend. It looks like the party is really growing!!

Around 50 cars are expected for a rally in Beijing over the 16th and 17th. People are even flying in from as far as Shanghai to be part of it.
Forum thread with the details is here.
Southern California

Just a quick update from the states. The SoCal Saab Club is going to do a run on the 17th as well. Meeting place is Walter Wong’s shop in Culver City. Anyone interested can email for details to [email protected]
Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne Saabers are getting their act into gear and organising a run for this Sunday.
Details of the run, including contact points, are at the Saab Car Club of Australia website.
Stockholm, Sweden

There is a run being organised in Stockholm for those who can’t make it to the Trollhattan run on the other side of the country.
The run will begin with a meeting at IKEA parking in kungens kurva between 12 and 1pm. the drive will take in the Swedish parliament and GM’s Swedish headquarters.
Full details are available at this Svenska Saabklubben forum post.

Griffin Up!!!

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