More Photos and videos from Saab Convoys!

It is an amazing ride, this whole Saab convoy thing. I’m really hoping that Swade really is asleep this time. I don’t want anyone left out while so much keeps pouring in.

UPDATE: Most recent entries nearest the top.

More photos from Lithuania. Great work, people!

Wow! The Save Saab Convoy at GM Europe HQ in Rüsselsheim!! Click here for the great photos posted by Olaf. Thanks for your support!

Great shot of vintage Saabs from the Italian Save Saab Convoy from Corriere della Sera (the Evening News?).

Great group photo from Riga, Latvia, and even more photos on Flickr from Latvia. (Hat tip to UKSaabs via Twitter for passing along the links from SaabClubLatvia via Twitter.)

From the convoy in Trollhättan, Allan has posted this HUGE batch of photos.

Rob’s photos from the Netherlands Saab Convoy are here.

Video of the start of the convoy in Tilburg.

A small group of photos from what I’m gathering is a Lithuanian group convoy for Saab. Thanks, AA!

A short video from the Polish convoy that obviously made the local television news! Great stuff, Adam!

Another large group of photos from Russia are here. Thanks, Nikolai!

And, of course, the Flickr Saab Support Convoy Group. Add your photos!

I’ll finish with this picture from the Saab gathering in Trollhattan as covered by Reuters:


P.S. I’m lovin’ Emma’s one girl march for Saab! Go girl, go!!

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