MORE Saab Support Convoy updates

Yes, just when you thought there couldn’t have possibly been any more Saab Support Convoys than the ones we’ve already covered, three FOUR more convoys have checked in and given an update.


First, a correction on a previously reported figure……

There are big burly men and beautiful women all over St Petersburg right now jumping up and down because apparently I under-reported the number of cars at that particular event. The first advice I received said there were 25 vehicles at the event, but recent advice suggests that there were at least double that amount.

So an even bigger “Well Done” to the St Petersburg Saabers!


Saab Support Convoy – Umea, Sweden

Way up in northern Sweden, there were 19 vehicles and good deal more hardcore Saab nuts showing the local media what Saab Support is all about.




Saab Support Convoy – Malaysia

I was expecting the Malaysian convoy to be next week, so when Paul L dropped a note saying 20 cars and whole bunch of people got together on the 17th, I was overjoyed. More to the total!

Well done, Malaysia.

SAVE SAAB_782x400.jpg


Saab Support Convoy – Denmark

The Danish Saab Support Convoy was a two-day affair, with 36 cars and owners meeting on the saturday, before 20 of them headed up to Trollhattan for the big event the next day.

There’s nothing rotten in Denmark, baby!

Click that link for the inside info about the new 9-5 gathered by Henrik B.



Saab Support Convoy – Tolga, Norway

Another group of Saabers, inspired by what happened over the weekend, got together on Monday the 18th in Tolga, Norway.

There were 11 cars present, with around 20 people gathered to send their message – Save Saab!



Check out the aerial image of the Dutch Saab Support Convoy!!!


There is a link to a large version on that page, but note that it can only be used for private purposes – no commercial use is allowed.


Updated figure for Latvia:

  • 1x SAAB 96
  • 3x SAAB 900 Classic
  • 22x SAAB 9000
  • 20x SAAB gm900/9-3
  • 53x SAAB 9-5
  • 1x SAAB 9-7x

That’s 100 cars!


This update brings the number of Saab Support Convoys held on the weekend* to 42!!! Absolutely stunning. And there are more to come next weekend, too.

The full list of SSC’s from the 17th January is as follows.

* There are 40 listed here, but the Polish figure actually represents three separate convoys. The Shanghai event was held 12th January, in the lead-up to the main event.

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