MORE Saab Support Convoys – Nashville and Singapore

The Saab Support Convoy movement continues to grow with additions of new convoys in both Nashville and Singapore.

The Singapore Saab club, Saabstance, will be organising a Saab Support Convoy this coming Saturday, 23 January. Some 20 to 25 Saab cars (as well as a couple of other cars driven by ex-Saab fans (owners)) are expected to turn up for the event.
Details are:
Landing Strip: Trans Eurokars, Leng Kee
Date & Time : Saturday, January 23rd 2010 at 0900 hrs.
Parking : In the hangar – you will be guided by the lollipop man from the runway
Food : Light breakfast will be provided
Take-off Time : 1030hrs.
Destination : Trans Eurokars, 12 Sungei Kadut Ave.
There’s a page for all this at the Saabstance website, but you’ll need registration to get in.
Nashville TN, USA

Our very own Eggs n Grits is acting as point man for this gathering, with a view to using it as a springboard to gather interest for a local SCNA-affiliated club.
The event is scheduled for January 31st and potential attendees should contacts Eggs via email on eggsngrits-at-gmail-dot-com
Get along, check out Eggs’ new convertible and show your Saab love, Music City style.
The Saab Support Convoys still to come and the dates thereof are as follows:

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