Nashville meet Jan 31 POSTPONED

UPDATE: Video added.
Unfortunately, the weather isn’t cooperating here in Nashville, Tennessee. Three-to-five inches (7-12 cm) of snow that is now a three-to-five-inch crust of ice. (See pictures after the jump to see what we’re dealing with here.)
Given that we here in Nashville, Tennessee have no snow removal equipment, the snow is now ice and the weatherman is forecasting temperatures ten degrees below freezing and colder for the remainder of the weekend, I think that it’s prudent to postpone. I believe that we’ll try for next Saturday morning, but more to come there. Thanks to all for your interest, I’m hoping that the twenty-five or so of us that have signed up can grow a local community of Saabers.

Here are the promised photos:
As you can see, even the interstate highway near our drive destination is still completely snow and ice with no traffic.

Nashville Road conditions Jan 30 2010.jpg

To demonstrate what we’re dealing with, note that I dug that three-inch-deep hole in the snow/ice on my sidewalk, yet I’m standing ON TOP of the accumulation right beside the hole! Dense.

standing on the snow Jan 2010.jpg

The EnG back yard (I’ve got to get the 1988 ‘vert a new home).

eng backyard jan 2010 small.jpg

The front view, as if that mattered.

eng street jan 2010 small.jpg

I’m not leaving for a day or so, for sure.
Update: This is what we’re dealing with:

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