New Saab Support Convoys – MPLS and Toronto

There’s a group of Saab Support Convoys happening this weekend:

….and now there’s a few more to add to that list.
Minneapolis MN, USA

The Minnesota Saab Club is holding its Saab Support Rally this Sunday, January 24th, from 1 to 3 pm, at the American-Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. The Facebook page for the event is here:
We expect some media coverage of the event — one of local TV stations did a story on local Saab enthusiasts when GM made the original announcement about winding Saab down on December 18th.
The American-Swedish Institute will be open during the Rally, providing easy access to restrooms and their coffee shop. Arrangements are being made to bring other beverages and snacks.
Toronto, Canada

This was received via email from North Toronto Punter today:

Aktive Motors is organizing a SAVE SAAB CONVOY this Saturday, January 23, 2010. They would like to invite all SAAB owners and enthusiasts to unite and show their support for SAAB. We need to send a clear message to GM. That message simply is that SAAB should be sold. This is not a protest of GM, but a celebration of SAAB as a unique and viable brand if given a chance to be independent.
This event is what all SAAB owners in Toronto, Canada have been waiting for. For all those owners that feel as passionately as I do about our beloved brand, please meet at Aktive Motors this Saturday, January 23, 2010 starting at 11am. There will be light refreshments served. We will then depart at 12pm to join with other SAAB owners at IKEA at the 401/Leslie around 1pm. Afterwhich, we will depart IKEA at 1:30pm and meet at the GM headquarters around 2:15pm. We will take a group photo and show the world that the owners in Toronto, Canada also care about SAAB’s future.
For more information, please call Aktive Motors at 905-842-0017, or visit the website for information with regard to times and directions to the convoy site.
Whatever the outcome of SAAB’s future, please join us and show your support for SAAB. Be a part of this global community that are willing to unite to SAVE SAAB around the world. Thank you to Christian and Kathy Skovbjerg of Aktive Motors for having the passion to organize this event. Looking forward to seeing all of the Toronto SAAB fans unite!

Details should also be available at

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