Notes on the Saab Support Convoys

Saab owners are generally speaking, a pretty intelligent bunch. So I shouldn’t really need to pass on some of the advice I’m about to pass on.
Still, I felt an obligation to make a few suggestions prior to these events happening.
Saab Support
There is one reason for these events, as far as I know – a show of support and appreciation for the Saab car company. As the Dutch originators of this whole idea first wrote:

We are going to give Saab some positive media attention to support our brand. We will support Saab!

The idea here is positivity. Support for Saab.
This event is not a protest against General Motors. It is a showing of support and appreciation for Saab.
Think about where you’re going and what you’re doing
I know a lot of convoys are going to do drive-by’s of American consulates and GM headquarters in those countries.
My suggestion is as follows – do not stop and congregate outside a US consulate. It will most likely not look good in the media and may be seen as provocative by your local police.
Again – this is an event to show support for Saab, not a protest against anyone.
I would advise against congregating directly out front of any GM headquarters building as well. If you’d like to get some photos with ‘Save Saab’ signs outside of GM headquarters, then I’d advise parking some distance away and have those building in the background.
Again – this is an event to show support for Saab, not a protest against anyone.
A good idea for photos might be to upload them on Flickr with a SaveSaab tag so that they can be easily found.
I’ll post one or two photos from each event here with a link to galleries on Flickr so that people can find your full gallery of shots.
I imagine photos will be posted on club websites as well, so please feel free to email me the links for these website pages.
Have fun and represent well
Many of you have media coverage for the event organised, which is fantastic.
But that coverage also heightens the need to for everyone to act responsibly and with respect for everyone around you.
Have a great time and show your support for Saab Automobile – that will be the best way to get your message across.
This is going to be an absolutely fantastic event with many cars all over the world coming together for a show of support for this most unique of car manufacturers.
Eternal thanks to our friends in Holland for coming up with the whole concept.
I can’t wait to hear your stories. Have a great day.

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