On Saab distribution in Canada

I’ve received some information via email from our SU regulars, Bruce S, in Canada.
Late last year, Bruce made some enquiries via GM North America to see what would happen with Canadian distrubution of Saab cars. This was around the time that the plan to reduce US dealers by on third was announced.
He received a response at that time, but shortly afterwards the Koenigsegg deal collapsed and we were all seemingly back at square 1.
He’s received confirmation today that the details forwarded to him still apply, and more importantly, he also received permission to have that information shared here at SU.
Note: This is preliminary information only. I’m sure more information will come out as things progress. I know people will be keen for more detail than this, but right now, this is all we’ve got.
The important bit is in bold….

Thank you for your letter to Mike Colleran and your interest in the Saab brand in Canada. Saab is working on a solution to continue Sale & Service operations in Canada with a unique Saab network. This is planned to start during 2010, once the sale of Saab to the new buyer is complete. Between now and the start of the new Saab Company, GM Canada will offer Saab Service through select GM Canada dealers. In most cases they plan to use a GM dealers who had previously owned a Saturn / Saab Dealership. In some cases this is not possible and they will use a suitable GM dealer near by. GM Canada plans to do a customer mailing in December to notify customers of those locations. If you don’t receive a mail, you should contact the GM Canada Customer Assistance Center and they can direct you to a convenient location.

I guess the good news here is that we’re not necessarily starting from scratch.
Work was apparently underway to establish a new Sales and Service operation and that work will continue.
Upon enquiring if this was OK to share, Bruce received the following:

Yes you may, we are working to define a realistic start date in 2010

I’m confident that Saab-Spyker will be doing all they can to get these markets established again as quickly as possible.

Thanks to Bruce for the heads up!

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