One guy’s view on what Saab could do in the USA

The following was entered in comments by a Saab dealer in Fort Collins, Colorado. Sean Tynan runs Tynan’s Saab and as you might know, Colorado was once a very Saaby state with the cops joining private buyers driving them around the ski towns there.
Nowadays, well, you’ll see.
Customers have moved to other things but Sean’s a firm believer in Saab’s potential. His points here are ones that I found myself nodding my head to, over and over.
The comment was addressed to another commenter so if it seems conversational at points, that’s why.
Thanks for the contribution, Sean.

…..I do however see things in our market that I think could bode well for Saab’s new models. Audi, Subaru, Volkswagen and Volvo are all doing very well with their offerings where the 9-3x Cross Combi would compete.
In Colorado alone, Subaru sold over 6,000 vehicles in the class of the 9-3 with XWD and 9-3x Cross Combi! Some of the Subaru’s were definitely less money, but many are very near the transaction price of Saab. Audi no longer offers the Audi Allroad, and we hear from many former Allroad Owners that they miss having this model as an alternative to the SUV and other Crossovers on the market.
We have many Saab owners who want a crossover, but they want a SAAB Crossover, and the 9-3x Cross Combi would fit that bill perfectly! I know that the 9-4x is not seen as a potential volume seller in other markets around the world, but with all due respect I must tell you that many consumers here in the US very much like, want and even need this type of vehicle. They don’t necessarily need a V6 engine, but they want this type of power especially in our neck of the woods.
The Audi Q5 is selling like gangbusters as are many of the other midsize Crossover/SUV offerings from Volvo, BMW, Lexus and Infiniti, not to mention VW, Subaru, Nissan and Toyota.
We Americans can be a funny bunch, and I can tell you that many people in the US market are looking for something different and refreshing, which is exactly what the 9-4x represents. Does it share some of its DNA with the NEW Cadillac SRX? Sure it does. But to the consumer touchpoints, it is all Saab! I might add that the Caddy is it’s sibling than the other way around. The Saab is by far and away the better looking vehicle!
We currently have no Saab offering in this, the fastest growing segment of our industry. I would love to have this vehicle, I think we dealers in the US market would do very well indeed with this model!
What can I say about the NG 9-5. We bought our Saab franchise in 1999. Last I looked its now 2010, 12 model years later and we are still selling the same body style vehicle. It is a marvelous vehicle, but outdated nonetheless. Give us this daring and beautiful New NG 9-5 with XWD and I know we will be very successful selling this model!
One final point. If we the Saab dealers in the United States could offer our existing line of 9-3’s along with the New 9-3x, the New 9-4x, and the New 9-5 equipped with Clean Turbo Diesels, I have every confidence that we would have waiting lists, and that we could catch and surpass Saab Cars North Americas record volume selling years from the late 1980’s! I may be wrong, but I believe in those days Saab was selling at or near 50,000 to 60,000 units per year in the USA!
Will that happen overnight? Probably not. However, I think this can happen way quicker than most. Volvo looks to be bought by the Chinese and that will no doubt alienate some of their Owners. Americans are truly tiring of BMW’s, Lexus and Toyota’s because everybody has one. There are thousands of Saab lovers and Owners in the USA just waiting for Saab to break free from GM and offer some fresh products.
At 50,000 that would leave 50,000 to 60,000 Sales left for Saab to garner in all other markets. I know this could be done. No doubt in my mind! It’s like David (vs) Goliath. Our slingshot is one part Swedish Engineering for Safety, one part Turbo and one part Clean Diesel/Hybrids!
Remember, we all have to visualize it first in our minds eye before it can ever really happen.
Kindest regards and I ride with the Saab Brand,

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