Our friends from Saab Apeldoorn open new dealership in Utrecht

It seems opening a dealership in April 2009 – when a crisis for Saab was just unfolding – wasn’t difficult enough for our friend, Ruud Blokhuis.
So he decided to open another one as GM threatened to wind Saab down!
Ruud is a partner in Saab Apeldoorn, the dealership that opened on April 1 last year. That dealership’s going well, surviving on second-hand vehicles sales and mechanical work.
At the start of 2010, they’ve opened another Saab dealership in Utrecht. I talked a little about this some time ago. The property they took over was a former Smart dealership, but it’s now fitted out and shining bright as a Saab showroom.
I guess all they need now is a positive answer from Detroit, and then some new cars to sell.
The Utrecht dealership is a partnership with Ruud and Jody Kok, a 9-year veteran of the former Dutch Saab importer, Kroymans.
The opening has been covered in a Dutch paper, De Volkskrant, and here’s a few snippets from that article:

In Nieuwegein Utrecht Saab opened its doors last week. The spacious property is situated on an expensive high-profile location along the A12. On the gate hangs a banner reading: “Now Open!”.
The showroom is director Jody Kok (39) at a long table between the sleek polished cars. Customers are not. In the parking lot two Saabs, one from him and one of an employee…..
…..(The possible closure of Saab was..) News that Kok had not counted on when he and his partner, Ruud Blokhuis (49), Utrecht Saab decided last November to start. And their signature under a three-year lease. “At that time it seemed almost certain that Saab would be taken by Koenigsegg,” says Kok……
……Something to say they still believe, even though GM reiterate that Saab is dismantled. “There is really still find a buyer for Saab. For such a nice marque to disappear, that’s impossible, “said Kok, who acknowledges that “very often” he’s had moments of doubt.

I hope you guys get some good news – and I hope for all of our sakes that you get it very soon.

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