Press conference scheduled for 19:15

I’ve just received a text message telling me that a press conference is due at 19:15 (Swedish time), which is around 90 minutes from now, as I write this.
One resourceful commenter (thx, Albert) has also left the following link, which is apparently a live link to a webcast where the announcement will appear at that time:
Link to webcast for Press conference.
I haven’t verified that link myself, but hopefully that’s correct. I’ll keep checking around. Apparently it’s all OK.
Griffin Up!!
UPDATE: Another live link, which will begin at 19:00 (tho the presser isn’t until 19:15)
Oh, and without getting too excited, the expected topic of the press conference is the sale of Saab Automobile by General Motors, to Spyker.
Ola Kinnander at Bloomberg, who is very well connected (hey, he’s hot my email 🙂 says the following:

General Motors Co. agreed to sell its Saab unit to Spyker Cars NV, the Dutch carmaker said today in an e-mailed statement.

But of course, the press release…..
Please feel free to photograph your very own celebratory Snoopy dance and send it in……
Not to be too premature, but I’m just soooooo very happy for Jan-Ake Jonsson, his management team and all the people at Saab in Trollhattan and around the world.
They’ve fought the good fight. They deserve this.
But of course, the press release……
The guys at MobilForum, Dresden – that is, the guys behind Rescue Saab – are starting a little early…..

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