Press Guide – a chronicle of support

As we reach a very important hour, I thought it prudent to give the various members of the press who check in here (hello!) an overview of the various movements taking place, showing just how wide the public support for Saab is right now.
We have endeavoured in this manner for one reason and one reason only – to keep the spotlight on GM so that they could not make a decision about Saab in the shadows.
We believe Saab has a future with great cars, a superb management team and workforce, a lean factory and a sound business plan.
Emailing Ed Whitacre – I wouldn’t have enjoyed being his personal assistant that week. There were over 600 comments about letters written and I’m sure there were many more who didn’t comment.
Writing to government representatives – Another successful campaign that went for many weeks. Many Saab dealers in the US wrote to customers, directing them to that link so that they could write, too. – a campaign that has seen nearly 5,000 people leave a message for GM, stating that GM’s decision with regards to Saab would have a definite effect on their future purchasing decisions, and their friends, and their companies…..
iwontbuyfromgm on Facebook – A sister campaign to the dedicated website. Now with over 5,000 members.
Griffin Up! – a song written and recorded by one of our long-time regular members here at TS/SU – David Blumberg. It’s now become the unofficial theme song of this campaign and has been viewed on Youtube over 123,000 times.
Saab Owners Gathering in Detroit – Organised by Saab History rather than SU, but we were proud to promote the gathering of Saab supporters outside GM’s home base at the Renaissance Center in Detroit.
Saab Support Convoys – It was the Saab Club of the Netherlands that came up with the idea and soon after, a lot of other Saab Clubs and supporters started to follow suit. SU has been proud to act as an information repository for all of the convoys taking place on January 17. There are 21 of them all around the world as of the time of writing and there’ll quite likely be well over 1,500 Saabs on the road, together with the same purpose – support and appreciation for Saab.

Facebook campaigning – There have been a large number of Facebook campaigns in recent weeks. Perhaps the two most signifcant ones have happened in the last 24 hours, with vocal Saab fans and owners voicing their opinions on the Detroit Auto Show fan page and on General Motors’ own fan page. They have literally been taken over.
Whilst all this has been happening, Saabs United has also stuck to its task of providing the most accurate, bet informed and up to date news coverage and opinion of this ongoing situation.
It’s not just me as an author, either. Much of the leg work has been done by the people that visit here, keeping one another up to date in comments (at a rate of 1 comment per minute for a full 5 hours as I slept last night!!!).
Some of the most important editorials written here include:
I hope the US media are watching this story – and writing about it! – covering the use of US TARP funding to boost GM production in China at the expense of US dealership jobs, should GM choose to close down Saab.
Why Saab’s sale or closure matters so much to me – Yet another personal dedication about why this decision, and the manner in which it’s taken, are important.
A quick buck vs ongoing income – a look at the two scenarios facing GM and what would motivate them to choose the wrong one.
Memo to GM – Sell Saab – a missive on the various bids, compelling reasons why GM should accept them.
A Who’s Who of Saab bidders – a look at the various groups that have submitted a bid to purchase Saab from GM

Those were all written in the last week. For more editorials, click this link.
If the press are serious about shining a light on GM, there’s plenty of things to write about and plenty of coverage to be had.
These are are a pretty decent starting point, but there’s plenty more out there.

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