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Economics is the study of how to allocate limited resources across unlimited wants.
I have ‘X’ amount of time, ‘Y’ amount of news and a ‘Z’ number of emails coming in about Saab Support Convoys.
There are hundreds of photo galleries, videos, popping up about the Saab Support Convoys and to put it simply, I just do not have enough time to cover them all and get to the news that’s coming through this week.
So here’s your opportunity to drop a link in comments about a gallery or video you’ve put together from a SSC that you might have attended.
Please include the location of the convoy that your link relates to so that it all makes sense to visitors who are reading it. Don’t just leave the link with no other information.
Also, please be aware that if you leave a comment with 2 or more links, it may be held up for moderation as part of the system’s anti-spam setup. I’ll get to it, but it might take a little while so don’t overdo the linkage, please.
Here’s a few to kick things off…..
First, there’s a fantastic video of the SSC in Hungary. You don’t need to speak the language to appreciate it.
Who can’t appreciate this?
Thee are more videos available at the Saab 900 Club of Hungary website.
And next, a gallery at Picasa from the SSC in Brno, Czech Republic. From Alex M.
Police escort?
And finally, no link with this one, but the story’s too good to not be told.
This is from one of the Polish convoys. The owner of this 900 had quite a bit of car trouble leading up to the event but was determined that he and his car would be there……
SSC Poland - he got there.jpg
thanks to Kuba!

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