Saab 9-4x in production already

This one slipped into my inbox last night (thanks Thomas!) just as I was nodding off at 2am, prior to my wakeup-for-no-reason at 3:30am. I was too dazed and confused to deal with it then but it seems it’s made the light of day big-time after Ed Whitacre’s non-announcement as a number of people have been talking about it in comments already and it’s hit the news services, too.
I’m talking, of course, about the news that there have been close to 150 Saab 9-4x’s produced already.
Automotive News collects and publishes production data on a regular basis and one of the more careful contributors over at GM Inside News picked up on some Saab 9-4x production stats.
As has been noted at Autoblog, these are most likely pre-production vehicles that will be used for various reasons – quality control, crash testing, etc.
It’s good to see they’re pressing ahead, though, as this is a key model for Saab’s aspirations in the future, particularly in the US.
Saab 9-4x
Thanks to all for the email tips!

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