Saab drive to Detroit is on January 5

RE-POSTED – It’s Tuesday here in Oz already, but for you guys in the US, it’s still Monday and this event is on tomorrow!!

This is going to be a tough one for some because it’s midweek and the time is so close….but if you can be there then please do consider going along.
The Saab Drive to Detroit being organised by Saab History has been scheduled for this Tuesday, January 5.
There is now a Facebook page for the event giving all the details and a press release over at Saab History. You can click that link to read the full release, but here’s the logistics:
What: Saab Enthusiast Gathering At GM Renn Center To Save Saab
When: Meet On Tuesday, January 5th at noon. / Saab Car Gathering is at 1pm nearby. (Press To Attend)
Where: Lunch At GM Renn Cenn Food Court followed by Saab car gathering at the public lot at the corner of Atwater and St. Antoine alongside the bay behind GM Renn Center.
This event has been picked up by Autoblog, Jalopnik and other publications including USA Today.
This means the spotlight it ON.
That’s a great thing, but it also means we’ve got to get cars there in the lineup, filling those camera lenses.
If you’re in the area or within do-able driving distance, then I hope you’ll seriously consider making every effort to attend. GM need to know that the spotlight is on and people are watching. This sale is important, it’s viable and it’s just.

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