Saab factory workers to assemble, send message to GM

UPDATE: Apparently you should be able to watch this live via the SVT webstream.
Thanks to Peter for the advice.
It’s happening now. SVT livestream is over, but I received a few pictures already via a kind gent with a cameraphone, I believe.
Click to enlarge.
I’ve just learned that Saab workers at the factory in Trollhattan, at the invitation of the unions there, will leave their posts at 12 noon and assemble in the carpark outside the factory.

From the trade unions: Invitation to all staff!
Today, Tuesday, January 12th will be a showing of all employees at 12.00 outside the main gate and we fill the entire entrance road and parking lot. We want everyone to show that we want that GM should sell Saab. We will also send an email to Ed Whitacre with the call.

They gathering is intended as a message for General Motors and the staff will be sending a collective letter to GM Chairman and CEO, Ed Whitacre.
UPDATE – something I should have included first time – the gathering is scheduled for a time just a few hours in advance of when the decision is expected about the approval/appointment of Alix Partners as the liquidator of Saab Automobile, replacing the senior Saab management team.
Swedish Radio have a copy of the letter that will be sent to Ed Whitacre:
Why risk the American taxpayers’ money?
General Motors road to becoming a successful business has included the sale of Saab Automobile AB and Saab brand.
Once the plan was announced, there appeared several bidders for Saab and they continue to do so!
The best economic solution to save money and avoid costs for General Motors is to sell Saab, instead of spend it. With a closure might GM have to pay huge sums for the closure and also have to pay high costs for claims.
Since the U.S. government (the American people) still owns about 60 percent of GM, it is a waste of American taxpayers’ money not to sell the Saab!
A closure of the Saab would have at least as much impact in the U.S. as in the Swedish society.
Save money – sell Saab!
Representatives of the employees at Saab Automobile AB:
Paul Åkerlund
Anette Hellgren
Hakan Danielsson
Kenneth Trei

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