Saab fans in Detroit

UPDATE: – There’s some excellent coverage with heaps of photos over at Jalopnik. Great to see such heartwarming coverage from Los Jalops.
I’m feeling the love, Wert.

More coverage at Autoweek.

Report from Reuters, with Andy Rupert in the news!
The news is starting to filter through from Detroit. Apparently there were 28 vehicles there and quite a bit more in the press corps.
That could be good news or bad news. It all depends on how the press decide to play it.
The people who drove for hours to get there, however, are heroes and have my every respect. Detroit in the winter’s a pretty harsh place but the cause was worthy.
I received a couple of pictures from Andy Rupert, who drove in with his wife Sharon, from Ohio. They met up with another SU regular, Ted Y (another traveler from Ohio).
Ted and Andy sharing some Detroit warmth 🙂
Andy also sent through an amusing story.
Apparently Ted got there around 12 and couldn’t find anyone in the parking lot so he went into the Renaissance Center (GM’s headquarters) and asked a lady at the front desk “Where’s the Saab thing?”
Her response: “What’s a Saab?”
True story. And as Andy said, it really does explain a few things.
There are some more (heavily watermarked) photos over at Associated Press.
And while it’s still available, I’d head over to Jalopnik and get their specially made poster for the event.
USA Today has a news story.

Will add more news as it comes to hand.
Kudos to Saab History for the idea which has given Saab a lot of press this week.

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