Saab Management once the liquidator moves in

Swedish Radio have an article, speaking with Eric Geers, about what will happen with Saab’s management once the liquidator, Stephen Taylor from Alix Partners, is approved and moves in.
Thanks to Motoradd for the trans, via comments:
The liquidator needs Jonsson
As of this afternoon, Jan Åke Jonsson no longer CEO of Saab Automobile. Now take a liquidator over the responsibility. But Jonsson is expected to continue their daily work on the Saab, but without any formal power.
Comment on this Saab
– He lost the title, he is no longer president of the company. The Board also dissolved. One can imagine that we meet the liquidator and is informed about what he imagined the future, “says Eric Geers, Director at Saab.
However, the liquidator will take over operational responsibility does not necessarily mean that Jan Ake Jonsson will be without jobs as of today.
– The liquidator need course management to perform a job. You can not run this kind of winding up alone. He does of course people, “says Eric Geers.
In yesterday’s somewhat ambivalent response from GM, it appeared that Spyker will eventually be regarded as having the strongest bid for Saab. CEO Victor Muller is in place in Detroit, officellt to speak at Automotive News Congress late in the evening, Swedish time.
– The bids received are strong. Sure it came out a lot of communication from Detroit yesterday, which created many headlines, but I know it is not running and that it will also meet during the day. Perhaps we have good news to share later this week, “said Eric Geers.
Here’s to JAJ being back in the driver’s seat – and very soon.

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