Saab sale update – bee’s genitals edition

Yes, that seems to be the distance now between our current state of suspended animation, and a decision on Saab’s future.
We’re that close.
These have been noted in comments, but are worth bringing to the front page here.
TTELA spoke with Victor Muller earlier today and got very little response.

We learn something today?
– I can not say.
Does it look more favorably today compared to yesterday?
– Please ask not because I can not say anything about it. I have no idea when I can say anything. Now I must stop.

And the reason Victor Muller either can’t talk, or can only say “we’re working hard” is that Spyker shares have gone up by around 30% this morning.
Being a listed company, he’s very restricted in what he can say with regards to developments with the Saab sale, lest he get charged with pumping up the price of the stock.
In other news, one Swedish paper is reporting that a Dutch billionaire, Marcel Boekhoorn, is the new backer for the Spyker deal, replacing the Convers Group.
Boekhoorn has a diverse background in various businesses including entertainment, fashion, manufacturing, media and even a zoo. Most of all, though, if he is the one backing the deal, then he should not provide any hurdle or discomfort for either the EIB or the Swedish government.
His involvement has not been confirmed. In fact, when he was first linked to the deal several weeks ago, he flatly denied any involvement. Still, the stories persist.
Swedish Radio report that Boekhoorn has been a minor shareholder in Spyker Cars since 2007.
The full list of Saab Support Convoys completed so far, with the exception of an SSC in Japan over the weekend, for which I am yet to receive information.
After next weekend, there will have been more than 60 Saab Support Convoys held in various locations around the world – truly amazing.

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