Saab Saved Celebration – Israel

I have been consistently blown away by the variety and breadth of the Saab Support Convoys in the last three weeks and this week’s offerings are sure to continue that trend. I am just amazed by some of the sights I see.
The Israeli Saab Saved Celebration took place on Friday, January 29th.
There were around 30 vehicles in attendance, ranging from a 2-stroker right through to Saab 9-5.
The meeting took place by the Roman Aqueduct in Caesarea.
The local press were in attendance and took some photos of the champagne being cracked open and hopefully some photos from them might become available soon.

There’s a big photo album available here
Click to enlarge, below. Thanks to Oren (in the safety vest) for sending through the details and congratulations to all who attended!

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