Saab Support Convoy – Denver CO, USA

New has just come through of another Saab Support Convoy.
Here’s the info:

Mile Hi Body Shop and the Rocky Mountain Saab Club are hosting a rally this Saturday morning (1/23/10). We’ll meet at 10 AM at the Mile Hi Body Shop, 519 Lipan St Denver, CO. From there we’ll convoy to the State Capitol (only a few minutes away), where we’ll park, display our Save Saab signs, take photos and talk to the press. For more information, call Jerry Danner @ 303-595-4646, or Andy Malkiel @ 303-402-0765.
Let’s show our support of the car we love and have the biggest rally in the US, right here in Denver!

Coloradoans, get your Saab on!
Griffin up!

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