Saab Support Convoy – Denver – DONE!

UPDATE – More photos, courtesy of Dave M

– great group shot, from Andy M. Taken at the Mile Hi Body Shop.
News is coming through from several Saab Support Convoys that have been conducted today. Singapore, Toronto, North Carolina and Paris have all gone well.
For now, though, it’s the SSC attendees in Denver, Colorado, who have added to the global village of Saab Support, with over 60 Saabs turning up on the western steps of the capitol building in Denver.
I’ll get a more complete group of images up shortly, but for now, there’s plenty of them both on Facebook, and on Picasa.
Congratulations to all the Denver Saab owners and the Rocky Mountain Saab Club for their support of this event!
New Pics. Click to enlarge.
01 MIleHiLineup.jpg
02 Leader of the Pack.jpg
Plenty more pics after the jump…..

03 Waiting for Take Off.jpg
04 At the Seat of Power.jpg
05 The Tail of the V4.jpg
06 900 Turbo.jpg
07 Blue Wonder.jpg
08 Veg.jpg
09 Black Beauty.jpg
10 Ready To Race.jpg
11 Hey Look Me Over.jpg
12 My Other Car.jpg
13 Safe and Supported.jpg
14 A Capitol Idea.jpg
15 A Ruby Slipper.jpg
16 Red and Ready.jpg
17 Yes This is COLORADO.jpg
18 Dont Get Around Much Anymore.jpg
19 Knowledge is Horsepower.jpg
20 Thinking about the East while Looking to the West.jpg

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