Saab Support Convoy image dump

There are a million-and-one galleries out there that I’m not going to get to with this post. Please forgive me. But these are just a few of the ones I came across tonight whilst perusing my Flickr feed and I though I’d share the links here.
I’m still getting my mind across just how big this event was. Absolutely amazing.
Before we get to the photos, here’s a great little video from the Dutch convoy, loaded on to Youtube by Johan VDW.

Thanks to Nic S for the link

And another fantastic video from the guys and girls in St Petersburg, in Russia.

Bergstrand on Flickr – cars meet up in Orebro prior to driving down to Trollhattan for the Saab Support Convoy.

Robin M, our unofficial Saab Ambassador to the UK, on Flickr

Swe Nilsson in Trollhattan, on Flickr

Saab Museum Director, Peter Backstrom, quite possibly contemplating whether to go out back and have a coffee :-), as photographed by SaabKlubben, on Flickr

Absolute magnificence, as phootgraphed by Robert Beekman at the Dutch SSC, on Flickr.

A lineup of Aussie 900s, by Mike900, on Flickr

The Saab factory carpark by Schough, on Flickr

The Stockholm convoy in motion, by Granne, on Flickr

More Aussie Saabs, bu AlAero, on Flickr.

SweCrown captures a Sonett in Trollhattan, on Flickr

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