Saab Support Convoy – Luxembourg

The nature of this weekend’s Convoys has changed, quite naturally, from a show of support with a plea to save the company, to a show of support with a celebration!!
Luxembourg have added themselves to the list of convoys on this weekend. Here are the details:
The starting point of the convoy is at the “Glacis” parking in Luxembourg-city at 10:00 CET, from where we’re going to drive to the two Saab dealers of the country, first to Garage Kremer, Z.I. Merscherberg in Mersch and then to Garage Grun, route d’Arlon in Strassen. The convoy will be finished around 16:00 CET.
Our convoy will take place under “special” conditions: the Luxembourg car show named “Auto-Festival” is starting this Saturday. This event, which has been a tradition since 1965, is where all car dealers in Luxembourg organize “open days” for two weeks including the two weekends. It attracts several thousands of car interested Luxembourgish people who visit showroom after showroom. So our convoy will certainly not pass unnoticed!
An additional bonus:
One of the two Saab dealers from Luxembourg (Garage Kremer) will have a new 9-5 to expose during the open days this weekend.
People interested in joining this convoy should contact me (Swade, on and I’ll pass your email onto Marc.
A full list of the Convoys on this weekend:

and an addition note with regards to the Memphis convoy on this weekend:

The Memphis SAAB Support Convoy, scheduled for Sunday, January 31, 2010, has officially been re-named “SAAB Independence Day Rally” (from “SAVE SAAB SUPPORT CONVOY”). We have lost a few participants, but we will go forward, no matter what. Start time has been changed from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Please take note if you were attending.

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