Saab Support Convoy – New York, USA – DONE!

UPDATE – new photos are in…..
There were 54 registered cars, but there could have been a few unregistered tag-alongs as well.
I’ve been advised that thanks are due to Nathan and Shane for the great work in putting this together – so thanks to you guys, and to all who turned up.
The following photos are from Meg, and look fantastic!
Click to enlarge
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 070a_1.JPG
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 081a.JPG
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 087a.JPG
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 095a.JPG
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 125a.JPG
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 132a.JPG
nycsavesaabconvoy1242010 142a.JPG
There are also some great photos here on Facebook.
Mmmmmm. Viggen.
I’ve only got two photos so far, which are ones that appeared at Saab Link, but it looks like there was a great turnout for th NYC Saab Support Convoy today.
Steve C has provided some details from the event…..

  • There were a minimum of 52 cars at the end point, at Liberty State Park
  • Could have been as many as 80 that participated through different parts of the day’s program
  • There were a couple of 96’s (at least one a two-stroke), one 900 SPG, one or two 9-7X’s and a few NG900’s, at least one 9000 and the rest were current generation 9-3s or 9-5s.
  • Lady Liberty was hidden away in the photos by poor weather.
  • Park police were in attendance, but were cool.
  • A good time was had by all.

I’ll post more images and details as they come to hand.

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