Saab Support Convoy – St Louis, USA – DONE!

UPDATED below.

OK, so I don’t have all the “DONE” information for it yet, but I’ll add that later.

David Z did get in touch to provide this initial image, however, so it looks like there’s a few St Louis Saabers out there.


And some later images, including The Arch.




More images will become available later in the week at the STLSwedeSpeed gallery.


An update from Fox News (Thanks to GerritN):

MANCHESTER, MO ( – Financial newspapers across the world are reporting General Motors is hours from announcing a deal to sell the Saab brand to Swedish carmaker “Spyker”. The deal would save Saab from the fate that seemed certain months ago: its demise. And news broke just after Saab loyalists in St. Louis took a stand. Sunday afternoon about 10 Saabs and 25 Saab lovers stood in a parking lot behind the West County Saab dealership in Manchester, laughing and talking and hoping.

“Griffin up!” said David Zemon, a Saab owner from St. Charles County. “That’s kind of our slogan for this whole Saab ordeal.”

“I read something a couple years ago that a magazine said Saabs were weird cars for weird people and I don’t think they’re that weird but I love them,” said Mike Lyon, who owns three Saabs.
The Luttrell family of Wentzville owns four.

“They’re just a really quirky car,” says mom Stacey. We are a Saab family.”

The quirks are lovable, though: the Griffin, the mythical creature in the Saab logo. There is the ignition, started by a key in the console between the driver and passenger. And there are the collectors.

“They call me Saab guy,” said Zemon, “because I am kind of obsessed and kind of addicted.”
Despite its charm, GM’s troubles seemed Saab was doomed. So Sunday, St. Louis area Saab owners brought their cars to the dealership in Manchester, before driving together to the Gateway Arch. They wanted to show St. Louis and tell General Motors that Saab should be saved.

“We just want GM to do the right thing,” said Luttrell.

The save Saab convoys happened across the world in the last few weeks. 600 people in France, and 800 in the Netherlands, said Zemon

Jobs are in jeopardy and dealerships are in limbo. Saab suddenly feels like more than a car.
“We’re trying to encourage GM to sell Saab. Let them go, not kill them,” said Zemon.

Lyon hopes GM is listening. And Sunday night’s news of a possible deal makes it appear as though they are. “There are people that depend on work here, all throughout the country and the world,” said Lyon, “so, give it a shot.”

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