Saab Support Convoy updates

There are another five Saab Support Convoys that have come to my attention, including one TODAY (12th) in Shanghai, China.

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of the convoy movement is purely to show support and appreciation for Saab Automobile. It is not a protest against General Motors.

PRO-SAAB only.

The event page for the Melbourne convoy sums it up nicely:

What to bring

  • Please bring supplies for lunch for yourselves as this event will NOT be catered for.
  • Bring your Save Saab signs to attach to your Saabs.
  • Bring a good sense of humour and a passion for Saab!

What not to bring
Please leave behind any attitude and resentment towards GM, I know there is a lot of passion about Saab but this event is not the time and place to vent those frustrations.

We are after a strong show of solidarity for Saab and to show we care for our brand.

Griffin Up!



Shanghai, China

Joining their fellow Saabers in Beijing is a group of owners in Shanghai – and they’re quite possibly going to be doing their convoy today – 12th January.

This is a very quickly organised event, but should be a good one. China has a very dedicated Saab population and it’s great to see their support for this effort.

Information is available here.



Moscow, Russia

This is to let you know that Moscow saabers plan to gather on the 17th at noon at Khodynka Airfield for meet and greet, then at about 1pm to form a convoy to drive by the US Embassy in Moscow. Discussion of the event is currently under way on Forum

Apparently there’s another discussion at this link, too. Thanks, Svizzera.




Whilst we’d previously heard that Danish Saabers would be joining in, there is now a forum page for the Danish convoy.

The convoy aims to travel together to join up with the Swedish group in Saab’s home town in Trollhattan.

Details can be found here.




The Norwegian Saab Turbo Club is also working to get people to stand up for our beloved brand on the 17th Jan.

Global announcement on the Norwegian Saab Turbo Club forums.



Czech Republic and Slovakia

There will be two SSC’s running in the Czech Republic on the weekend, and one in Slovakia as well. The details are as follows:

Prague (Czech Republic) – Saab fans will gather between 8:30 – 9:30 in front of IKEA Cerny Most. Then they will enjoy joint breakfast at the IKEA restaurant. At 11:00 the convoy will take off and will head to the center of Prague and then return back to the parking lot in front of IKEA. There should be more information at

Brno (Czech Republic) – Saab fans will gather between 8:30 – 9:30 in front of central IKEA. Then they will enjoy joint breakfast at the IKEA restaurant. At 11:00 the convoy will take off and will head to the city center and then return back to the parking lot in front of IKEA. More information available here.

Bratislava (Slovakia) – at 10:00 Saab fans will gather in front of the official SAAB dealer – MaH. After the “picture taking”, the parked jets will take off to the city center where more photos will be made. And the convoy will land at the same place where it started. More information available here.

Czech SAAB convoy 2010.jpg



Brookline MA, USA

As you may be aware, the future of the SAAB Automobile brand is in question. GM is going to sell the brand, or destroy it. Several companies have placed offers to GM to purchase the brand, and those offers are now in review…..

…..Join us in supporting SAAB at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. All are welcome. The Museum will be open to visitors, and will provide plenty of On-Site parking.

Griffin Up!

The Facebook Page for the event is here.


I’ve also received updated information for the convoy in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Date Sunday 17 January 2010
  • Meeting Location Outside Port Melbourne Cricket Ground Corner of Ingles Street and Williamstown Road Port Melbourne
  • Meeting time 10am to 10.30am (departing at 11am)
  • The Plan: We will drive by the Australian GM headquarters in Port Melbourne in convoy and then onto the Westgate Freeway, via the Western Ring Road and the Calder Freeway to the Hanging Rock area near Macedon/Woodend for a picnic lunch. No need for e-tags as we will NOT be taking the toll roads

Full details here at the SCCA website.


Previously mentioned convoys:


The Saab Club in Bulgaria sent through an email.

They won’t be able to get a run going by this weekend, but they expressed their best wishes for all the other rallies, and sent through a photo from one of their recent gatherings.


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