Saab Support Convoy Updates

Photos and information are coming in quite quickly at the moment, so I’ll do one long entry here with information updated as it comes to hand.

Refresh your screen for newest info at the top. Scroll down for earlier stuff.


It’s 3am here and I’m done for the night.

Please keep sending your photos and information in, however. I’ll be doing full updates from first light tomorrow.

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic day. Much bigger than what anyone could have imagined. This is a worldwide community like no other in the automotive realm.


The youngest participant today?

i want to drive a saab.jpg

With thanks to Mikael, in Austria.


Message from Holland:

You just can’t catch all the saabs in one picture!



There were around 65 cars in Stockholm today, with more quite possibly joining in along the way.



There were three Saab Support Convoys in Poland today, with 270 cars in Warsaw (over 550 people), 31 cars in Poznan and 14 cars in Lodz.

What an absolutely fantastic effort!!

Plenty of images here.

SSC Poland.JPG


There were two rallies in the Czech republic today. This is the first photo received – and have a look at that lead car!!


Eggs saw this come across his Twitter feeds from darkkavenger. The Czech Saab Support Convoys got some great press in the Czech Republic.

“The event was a great response and in the morning, we registered 88 cars. The column was so divided that cause complications in transport”, said Josef Sedivy, who was involved in the Prague meeting of supporters Saab.

Brno met the owners of vehicles of the brand throughout Moravia. “It would be a great pity if the company closed,” said George Hruban Association of Saab Underground, which has about 50 members of Moravia.


There were around 20 cars present in Vilnius, Lithuania today. They took a quick stop at the US and Swedish consulates and everyone looks like they had a fantastic time.

There is a huge gallery of photos available here.

More photos available here, too.




Just in from Jenny Johansson at TTELA, the newspaper in Trollhattan:

I just got back from the Saab support convoy here in Trollhättan and it was absolutely amazing. Around 2,000 cars and thousands of people attending. I met people from Germany, Norway, Denmark, England, Finland and all over Sweden. Can you believe that a little brand like Saab can have such an effect on people. Yes, I guess you can 🙂


The Estonian Saab convoy organisers had printed up 160 signs and it turned out this wasn’t enough!!

Around 180 vehicles turned up in what looks to be some very cold weather to support Saab. Congratulations, Estonia!!!


The rally shields given to participants in the Dutch convoy today.



20 cars turned out in Ningbo, China – a convoy I didn’t even know was happening.

A full entry will be done tomorrow.




An absolutely amazing image from Taiwan. This day just gets more incredible as it goes on.

More photos from Taiwan available here.


Are you feeling like you’re part of a world community yet?


St Petersburg looks incredibly cold right now. Didn’t stop the Saab fans, though. Absolutely amazing!!!!

Big album of images available here.



There were 93 vehicles and more than 150 people in the Saab Support Convoy in Riga, Latvia, today.

Photos and video will be online at the Saab Club of Latvia website when available.


Initial radio reports in Sweden indicate that there could be as many as 1,500 cars participating in this convoy!!!

Here are some great photos from Sweden, courtesy of Christian W (thanks!!)

Outside the factory gate…..


Peter Backstrom from the Saab Museum (scratching his head at the number of cars in attendance?)


Cars in the Saab factory carpark in Trollhattan….


Saab rally driver (and Pikes Peak conquerer) Per Eklund in attendance.



First photos from the Moscow SSC have come in.

They had around 120 cars turn up at first, with more turning up as the day progressed!!

Another fantastic job. More photos available here.



Thanks to Boris!


New photos of the Melbourne SSC have now come through, thanks to SAB. You can view the whole portfolio here on Flickr.


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