Saab Support Convoy Updates

I’m posting most of the complete updates for each country here at the Saab Campaigns website.

Here at SU there will be shortened entries for each country, as there’s just too much to put in one entry.

It was just such an amazing day!

Keep refreshing this entry for more photos and links to complete stories.


An unknown quantity of Saab enthusiasts turned up for the Saab Support Convoy in Prague.



Around 120 Saabers, including a few of our friends as well as Mr Saab, Erik Carlsson, gathered together for their UK Saab Support Convoy.



Another small but enthusiastic gathering took place in Kansas City, USA.



88 Nor-Easters turned up in Brookline, Massachusetts, at their Saab Support Convoy.



Around 125 cars attended a chilly but enthusiastic Saab Support Convoy in Finland.



Another small band of Saabers gathered together in support of Saab in Montreal, Canada.



The smallest, but still proud, group in the SSC family was in Adelaide, here in Australia. Some poor early weather kept a few away, but Markac and a few other hardy Saabers still took to the street to lend their support to the Saab cause.



A small band of 8 passionate Saab fans gathered in New Mexico for their Saab Support Convoy. Full details at that link.



24 Saabers faced rainy conditions at the Saab Support Convoy in Atlanta, USA.

Saab Convoy Atlanta-10.jpg


Another 30 Saabs in the great Southern California Saab Support Convoy.



Updated photos have come in from the Shanghai SSC, held last week. 30+ cars in attendance.



20 Saab nuts gathered togehter for the Saab Support Convoy near Milano, Italy.



25 hardcore Saabers gathered for the Saab Support Convoy in St Peteresburg. Harsh conditions, but a very happy crowd!



Around 180 cars attended the SSC in Estonia on the weekend. Another great event!



93 cars and more than 150 people attended the SSC in Latvia!



Just short of 50 vehicles attended the SSC in Beijing, China.



Another 47 Saabs and attendees supported Saab in Minsk, Belarus.

I love the message:



25 cars and around 50 people attended the SSC in Slovenia.



55 cars and more people – in Bratislava, Slovakia!!



The Austrian events, in Vienna and Linz, have been added to the Saab Campaigns website.



The Hungarian SSC has now been added to the Saab Campaigns website.



The official photo from the Moscow Saab Support Convoy, showing 96 of the estimated 120 cars in attendance.


Moscow SSCScript.jpg


New photos from the Trollhattan SSC. Thanks to Robert E.




Check back for more to come, later, as I get through all these emails and photos.

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