Saab Support Convoys – San Francisco and Israel

Before I get to the new convoys…..
I’ve received an update from the organisers of the Saab Support Convoy in Thailand, stating that they have already received 36 registrations for the event.
They were expecting around 20, so this is a fantastic result for them. Congratulations and enjoy the day!
There was a Saab Support Convoy in Tokyo over the weekend.
Details have been scarce, but as you can see from the details posted on Twitter, there were 29 Saabs in attendance and one vehicle of another brand in support.
Thanks to Michi for the details.
San Francisco CA, USA

There will be a Saab Support Convoy in San Francisco on Friday, January 29 at 12 noon.
This even is being organised by Embercadero Automotive, a Saab shop in San Francisco.

The rally consists of Saab owners circling City Hall between Noon-1pm displaying their SAVE SAAB SIGNS and honking their SAAB horns to show solidarity with SAAB. We will also have speakers at the East City Hall entrance beginning at 12:30pm. We expect to be colorful and passionate.
Embarcadero Automotive has repaired and sold SAAB automobiles in San Francisco for 30 years; It is located in the SOMA neighborhood at 655 Bryant St, S.F.

All your details and contact points are here at Embercadero.

I’ve received advice that there will be a Saab Support Convoy in Israel on the 29th January.
I don’t have details as to locations, etc, but there is apparently a post about the event on the Israeli Saab Club web forum.
I assume those who are candidates to attend will know where that’s located and how to get the details.
The convoys for this weekend are as follows:

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