Saabolosophy – Part 2 – Why did we do what we did over the weekend?

I had a discussion with a friend of mine in the Netherlands earlier this evening. We thought we’d open it up to the wider Saab community in an attempt to actually figure out what happened last weekend.

The whole Saab Support Convoy movement was unprecedented in motoring, as far as I know. Most companies could only dream of having such a loyal base to build from; customers willing to come out and get together to do their part to try and support the company in a time of need.

In plain terms – most of the world would view it as unusual behavior, but it made total sense to me, as I’m sure it did to you.

From my friend in the Netherlands:


What started as an idea in the Netherlands sort of got picked up worldwide. It does, however, raise questions about all those involved and everyone else watching it on television, on the Internet and in the papers.

Did you participate? If so, did you ever ask yourself why?

Did you even ask yourself as to why is it that you own a Saab and feel so moved by it to come out in the cold and gather, as we did?

A lot of the comments on SaabsUnited are about the love we all have for Saab. Someone said the following about the Dutch convoy:

“I drove to a convoy gathering point. Spent an hour or so there getting wet and cold, fitting stickers to my car and a rally sign to the grill. The I drove to the Museum in a convoy and yet again found myself getting more wet feet and cold. Then I drove in another convoy to Muiden, where the sun was setting, so I got even colder. But I would not have missed this for the world.

What is it that brings us all out in droves, to basically kick tyres in the wet, gloat over every model ever sold in the Netherlands and share in this feeling of warmth?

What would have happened if the Koenigsegg deal had gone through? Would we all have come out and celebrated like this? And of so, would the gatherings have been as large worldwide as they were on January the 17th?

Lots of questions raised, questions a lot of people would like to see an answer for.
Can you help and state why you did what you did when participating in a convoy?


I’m sure the people at Saab would be curious to know the answers to all these questions as well.
It really was a remarkable occasion.

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