Saturday morning snippets – site stats edition

I wish I could just write shiny happy stories about Saabs and ownership right now, but it’s crunch time and that would feel somewhat akin to fiddling while Rome burns.
Nevertheless, here’s an attempt at some cheerier stuff. Or at least less activist stuff.
Harry the Huntsman is back!
The big hairy mongrel is hiding somewhere in the front left guard and popping in to the cabin occasionally. I’m now driving around with a big can of bug spray.
Quick site stats for December 2009. No time for a full entry.
SU normally does between 350,000 and 400,000 page views a month. Here’s December:
Yes, over 1,000,000 page views – served to over 125,000 unique users.
Who says on-one’s interested in Saab’s story?
Anyone tempted to whine about the NG900 or 1st generation Saab 9-3, please cease.
Spotted by Mark M when perusing some old publications…..
small saab 1997.jpg
Big Papa spotted in Trollhattan!!

Well done, Ciprian!!
They just have to make this car.

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