Save Saab stuff

I noticed this one on Flickr, uploaded by an account-holder called drivenperfection.
As it happens, there’s a car detailer called Driven Perfection attached to Shaw Saab, in MA. I think that’s more than a coincidence 🙂
I’m not sure if they’re offering these for purchase, but they do look good. There’s a number of different colors at the link.
My partner in T-shirtery, Ivan, has created a bunch of Griffin Up! stuff and placed it in our T-shirt shop.
There’s no margin on any of these – you get them at cost price. We just wanted to make something available for people who might want to wear something to a gathering (not sure if deliveries would arrive by January 17th).
Griffin up touque
These are available in the Euro Shop (both pre-form and DIY) bit not in the US shop at this time.
….And a guy named Josh M runs a T-shirt store of his own and has created a “God Save The Swedes” shirt, shown below. Just FYI.
And don’t forget the Saab Saab image that can be used for signs, available on Flickr.
Save Saab

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