Summary entry – Saab Support Convoys

I think I’ve now covered all of the Saab Support Convoys that happened last weekend. it’s been a mammoth effort, but only because all of you put in a mammoth effort on Sunday.
The idea for the Saab Support Convoy came from two Dutch guys – Erik van Nimwegen and Sidney Polak – who proceeded to get the support of the Saab Club Netherlands. Many of you picked up on the idea, and then when others saw the coverage that the Detroit gathering got in the press, many more saw the power in the Dutch Club’s vision.
Saab Support Convoy - Trollhattan, SwedenThis incredible weekend of Saab ownership and support all came about because a few people had an idea that a lot of people came to believe in.
Together, you guys showed the national media in over 30 countries that Saab is supported. You put a focus on to this issue and kept Saab in the spotlight. From the smallest gathering to the largest, you’ve contributed to a huge moment in Saab’s history where the whole is much, much greater than the sum of its parts.
Whilst I couldn’t attend a convoy myself, I feel proud to have played a part in getting the word out and sharing all of your experiences here in the last 24 hours.
What’s more, there are still some convoys to come!
By my count, and with a few countries still to be covered, there were nearly 5,000 cars out on the weekend with the specific mission of showing support to Saab around the world.
The individual convoys are covered over at the Saab Campaigns website, but here’s a listing of the convoys, along with the estimated number of participants.

Those numbers add up to 4,841 cars, and I still have to add the convoy(s) from Norway and Ekaterinberg (Russia) but I figured I’d better get these summary figures up here as quick as possible.
In terms of media, there have been all sorts of TV report and videos shown already, not to mention the numerous online and print news reports.
I got the following list from Justyn in Poland. This is just the list for the Polish Saab Support Convoy. There would be lists like this in many of the countries where convoys occurred.
Media coverage:
Nationwide Radio Zet with pictures and report .
Nationwide tv-channel:,1638566,0,1,kierowcy-zjednoczeni-w-walce-o-saaba,wiadomosc.html,1638569,0,,przez_warszawe_na_ratunek_saabowi,wiadomosc.html
nationwide tv-channel, ( 8.00-8.16)
Full coverage of these events will take some time. I imagine we’ll be hearing stories about this and gathering images for several weeks.
This was a big, big event and I can’t recall hearing of another car company where buyers and enthusiasts were so moved to act on the company’s behalf.
I know you all enjoyed it, because I could see that in the photos.
I hope you’re feeling no small amount of pride in your actions, and the part you play in a global community of Saab owners.

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