Super-sized Polish Saab Convoy Update!

Well, the Saab enthusiasts in Poland have no shortage of cameras, it seems. So many photos and videos, where does one start?
UPDATE: A great slide show of photographs from Poland is also available here. (I like the slide show format on that site. Nice choice.)
Excellent video from our Saabisti brothers in Poland! Once again, this movement has power!!

New pictures from Warszawa (Warsaw) are here, here, here and here.
Pictures from Poznan (in Western Poland) are here, here and here. Video from Poznan is here.
Click here for coverage of the Polish Saab Convoy on nationwide television channel tvn.24.
Finally, the Polish Saabisti have garnered a complete article from, a Polish business newspaper.

We do not want to brand heritage has been divided and lost, we do not want to think of excellent engineers have been broken, we do not want the most modern production lines have been dismantled and sold for scrap! We are afraid that GM is willing to sell the Saab as an acting company, for fear of creating a future competition for its own brands.
In our opinion, there is no such risk because owners Saab

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