SvD speculate on a joint bid between Spyker and Genii

I know a few of you have mentioned this in comments already and it would be nice to believe that it could happen – a joint bid that cold finally push the deal over the line.
Svenska Dagbladet has taken the idea a step further and asked the question of both Lars Carlstrom (Genii) and Victor Muller (Spyker). Much like political reporting, the refusal to rule it out completely has led to a story suggesting that it could happen.

There is a possible scenario that the Genii Capital Group and Spyker Cars putting a joint bid for Saab. Last Tuesday tolerate both speculators at. “Our genuine interest in Saab has brought us together,” said Genii Capitals spokesman Lars Carlström.

If the ongoing issue for GM is not about price (“you can buy it for a dollar”: Nick Reilly) but about sustainability, then this would make a truckload of sense.
Bear in mind, however, that these guys are all entrepreneurs and they all got into this transaction with a business plan in mind. Halve that business plan and it’s probably not so attractive, especially with the complexity of joining two organisations together who aren’t used to working with one another.
I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but SvD are at risk of taking two non-denials and turning them into a “yes” in the public eye.
One reader here, Ulf W, went to the trouble of sketching out a view of a possible grouping, throwing Koenigsegg in for good measure (which would be a definite bonus if it happened) due to the technical developments they’re working on, which could have possible racing applications.
Like I said, I’m hesitant to put too much stock in this. At the moment it’s just a couple of things to which the players have responded “never say never”.
But hope remains.
My main hope right now is that GM stop this waiting game and get something done.

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