Swedish government have ‘good talks’ with GM

As you know, a delegation from the Swedish Government is in Detroit to have talks with both GM and Ford about the sales of their respective Swedish units.
From Bloomberg:

Swedish officials, including State Secretary Joeran Haegglund, the government’s main liaison to the auto industry, visited GM in Detroit yesterday to explain how Sweden can guarantee a 400 million-euro ($580 million) loan for Saab from the European Investment Bank, the European Union’s lending arm, said Haakan Lind, a government spokesman.
The Swedish representatives held “good” talks with GM officials, Lind said in a telephone interview today. The officials discussed how fast the loan can be guaranteed, depending on which bidder gets to buy Saab, he said.

It sounds like the Swedes are giving more details, which means they’ve done more homework and may be prepared to get down to a little more action.
Folks, I can feel my optimism rising.
Action from the Swedish government is what this deal has been missing all along. With reports of their help, the protests and pressure from US dealers, all of the other reports surrounding GM’s bungling of this deal and then the emotive demonstration by Saab workers today, I think there’s a lot of pressure building on GM to get this done.
They really are NOT looking good, nor competent at the moment.

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