Swedish Radio: Spyker considered front runners for Saab

As first revealed here at SU late last week, Victor Muller will be addressing the Automotive News Global Congress today (Tuesday), which is taking place in line with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
I’m sure the presentation will be an interesting one and with around half an hour to fill, I’m sure he’ll talk for a good five minutes or so about Spyker. I expect the rest of the presentation to build a case for Saab that will mirror what he said about his bid for Saab – that it would be one that GM would find very hard to knock back.
As he does so, he may or may not be mindful that the press are labelling Spyker’s bid as the frontrunner in the process. From Swedish Radio:

In Detroit continuing crisis meetings on Saab’s future. Saab owner General Motors confirmed the echo that negotiations are still ongoing with at least one bidder, namely the Dutch Spyker.

Or maybe they’re the only ones they’re willing to name right now?
Well, AFP are talking up Spyker at the moment as well:

The takeover of Spyker on Saab is “the only really attractive” among the last four received and is still under consideration, even if the closing process of the Swedish subsidiary of GM continues, said a source close to the File AFP Monday.
A “continuing dialogue” is taking place between leaders of General Motors, who own Saab, and those of the Dutch manufacturer Spyker and there should be “more information at the end of the week” on the fate of the Swedish brand, the source added.

Whatever the situation, I hope Victor lays it down in big thick layers during that presentation today.
Despite those report, Genii’s Lars Carlstrom is still confident, saying that Genii has a few aces in its back pocket and that he’ll be very surprised if there is not an outcome soon. From TTELA (googled)

Lars Carlström was late yesterday afternoon still an optimist, despite the fact that Ed Whitacre ruled out bids.
– There is a little bit where you can try a little extra to make the deal. We have a few aces in its back pocket. I would be surprised if this fails, he says on Saab’s chances of survival.

Saab needs it and the spotlight needs to stay on GM, big time.
Saab are viable, the bids are viable and GM should sell Saab.

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