Test driving a new Saab 9-5 Aero

I received this information from Bart W today, via email. It’s also been posted at Saabforum.nl, so some may have seen it there already.
I think the excitement will speak for itself……
Thanks to Bart for sending this through. I’m sure we’re all pretty jealous πŸ™‚
My father and I went to the Saab stand immediately when we arrived at the Brussels motor show…
There we saw an old friend from back in the days my Dad started working on Saab cars and connecting with dealers. Joris is his name. He invited us to come look at the the new 9-5 Aero and told us about the shape and the details that make this new Saab a real SAAB. Then he went a way for a few minutes and came back and said to my father “here you go Marc, what do you think about a test drive with the new 9-5 aero at 11.30?”
“What? You’re serious! Sure, thanks a lot!”
Then the test pilot came and said follow me! We went outdoors and there he was in that nice blue trim and 19 inch rims. We got into the car, fastened seatbelts and off we went.
First slowly to the highway and then BOOM, the 2.8 V6 turbo engine kicked in! Easily to 180 km/h and then the guy said now look how it accelerates from here…. BOOM again, full trottle to 210 km/h – easy!
We then went off the highway just in front of a BMW that also was leaving the highway. An ABS test….. Full brakes…… Changing lanes and still the car is in complete control due to the 100 adjustments per second ABS system.
Then again full throttle on the highway back to the car show. At the end there were several corners; a left one at 120 degrees in to a sharp right. On the other side there were trucks and cars but we took the inside at a mind blowing speed! I thought we were going to fly out this corner for sure, no way……. It stuck to the ground like glue!
This car is amazing! I have been in a few test drives now, but this was the mother of all test drives to me! This is a real SAAB! This car has to be produced. The world will be blown away!
What this car can perform and handle, its like no other feeling!
There are more photos available here.
How good does this baby look in blue?? Mmmmmmm.

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