The Saab sale situation (as I know it) today

Hi all,
It’s been very busy these last few days with the Saab Support Convoys – and rightly so.
I just wanted to provide an update as to what’s happening with the sale of Saab, from my own personal understanding and Djup Strupery.
As I wrote on the weekend, GM are still negotiating with Spyker right now on the sale process. The Genii group may still be in play, but as I understand it they are not the focus of GM’s attention right now. Genii may have more to do with this if the week progresses without a decision, but right now Spyker are the party sitting at the table and in all likelihood, they are the best chance that Saab has.
The fact that we haven’t had an announcement yet should be taken as a “no news is good news” situation.
Stephen Taylor, the liquidator appointed by GM, is still in place in Trollhattan, but as per the interview with Victor Muller published here earlier today (and as per comments by union officials at Saab) it appears the actual process of liquidating Saab is on hold for the moment. You could say that the fuse is set, but it is not lit.
That’s where we’re at – Saab’s not dead, negotiations proceed with Spyker, liquidator on effective hold.
Hopefully there will be an outcome very soon.

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