Tuesday Snippets – January 7 edition

So much going on and so little time to do it.
TO ANY VISITORS FROM THE UNITED STATES who are coming via an email or a referral from your Saab dealer’s website – please click here for information about how to write to your Government representatives.
Firstly – about the January 7 deadline.
This is a deadline for bidders to get revised bids in to GM for the purchase of Saab. A decision on those bids is not expected that day.
As many have noted in comments already, Spyker are in the news as putting together their revised bid, one that a source has been quoted as saying will be very hard for GM to refuse.
No news from Merbanco/Sason on a revised bid, but from CJ’s comments here on site, it seems they’re definitely still in the picture.
Hemmings are playing Six Degrees of Separation with Saab.
Those Save Saab vinyl decals that I mentioned yesterday are on sale via Ebay and are very affordable at less than $3. Quick purchasers may get one posted in time for the various Saab Support events happening on the 17th (depending on how speedy your postal service is).
Thanks to Driven Perfection.
The Griffin Up! T-shirts that I mentioned yesterday (see link above) are now available in our US Shops, both the pre-form shop and the DIY shop have them.
No margins on those ones, you get them at cost.
The Local has a good post about the Saab Campaigns currently underway.

Saab car owners, many of whom remain passionate about the troubled Swedish brand, are hoping that their display of citizen action will help sway GM management toward finding a buyer for Saab.

Nice to see some good news from there.
With regard to the Save Saab drive to Detroit happening tomorrow, it seems Jalopnik have adopted it as one of their own.
Good to see. Hopefully that’ll boost the numbers a little bit.
Of course, there is a fear that small numbers might be used by the press as a lack of support for Saab. If you’re attending, make sure the press understand that:

  1. This was organised with very short notice
  2. It’s a work day
  3. It’s winter in Detroit, and it’s hard enough to get people to visit there in Summer ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve heard some good stories of people travelling to get there, which is encouraging. SU regulars, Ted Y and Andy Rupert will both be travelling from Ohio to the event. great to see, gents. I’m sure others who hang out here occasionally will be joining you.
There should be an announcement coming quite soon about a presentation at an automotive conference that will end up putting quite a focus on Saab.
Stay tuned.
It’s good to see a lot of news outlets re-hashing the AOL interview with Victor Muller, talking up Saab’s future prospects and model range.

A Cape Cod resident documents the end of the Kurt Vonnegut era with Saab, claiming partial responsibility ๐Ÿ™‚

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