Unions: I question now is whether GM really wants to sell Saab

Auto Motor and Sport have interviewed one of the Saab union representatives, Hakan Danielsson, who seems to be fuming at GM’s decision to move the wind-down process from a planning phase to an operational phase.

Hakan Danielsson, union leader at Saab Automobile, is very upset about GM’s conduct during today’s board meeting. GM has appointed a liquidator and will now start the closure of Saab – despite having recently received two or three financially strong bid. “I question now is whether GM really wants to sell Saab,” said Danielsson to Auto Motor & Sport.

Danielsson is asking the exact same question that I asked earlier, and I’m sure it’s the same question that the various bidders are asking themselves, too:

“I can not understand why they should appoint a liquidator now, while they say they need a week to look at the new bids,” says Hakan Danielsson to Auto Motor & Sport. “Why such a hurry now, they have tried to sell the Saab for a year, they may well wait another week?”

GM’s decision does nothing other than harm the brand that they’re trying to sell. It means even more uncertainty, even with several strong bidders showing interest in the brand.
And as Danielsson implies here – the timing is completely unnecessary.

“GM chief Ed Whitacre says ‘show us the money’ and when money is on the table would be at least not sell – incomprehensible!”

Something’s lost in translation there, but you get the drift. Incomprehensible.
And a final piece of advice from Danielsson. As mentioned in comments on this post, it is a shame that a state senator from Massachusetts seems to care more about Saab than the Swedish Prime Minister.

From the three union representatives to reiterate once again its call on Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and the Swedish government: “Pick up the phone and explain to President Barack Obama that GM’s management should take the best bid and sell Saab. We have been very clear in advance and now have the Heads of State will inform each other, “said Danielsson. “We will continue to fight and I have not given up in any way but we need help from the highest political level. Saab does not need any government money but we want the GM gives us a fair chance to survive.”

Hear! Hear!
Kudos to AMS, once again.

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