Update from the Saab factory workers rally

It’s hard to imagine some of GM’s suppliers in Sweden not going out in solidarity with their friends at Saab should things go sour, especially after this event.
As reported earlier, Saab workers in Trollhattan rallied outside the factory gates today.
We’ve received a few photos already:
Click to enlarge.
And a new one…..

Our friend on the ground, who sent those photos indicated to me that it was a very powerful rally, with some chants breaking out saying “Stpehen, go home” – referring to Stephen Taylor, the British liquidator from Alix Partners appointed by GM to lead the liquidation process.

GT.se are carrying this photo and story:
The sign says “Save Saab from Gangster Motors”

Banners outside the factory spoke for themselves: “SAVE Saab from GM – Gangster Motors”, “Saab has a soul, the GM?” And “save jobs at Saab.”
– All are here, all 3 500 workers, both factory workers and officials, “says Borje Andersson, GT’s reporter on the spot.
During the manifestation of the letter was read out, in which the staff addressed to GM’s chief executive, Ed Whitacre.
– The letter requires the employees to GM will take responsibility for their employees and sell Saab.
They are demanding that GM will demonstrate the confidence of the employees, being a good employer, “said GT’s Borje Andersson.

My lasting respects to these good people in Trollhattan, who we’ve all supported so stoically for months now.
it remains my hope that you get a great outcome in the coming days.
GM: Sell Saab!

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