UPDATE – Saab Support Convoy in Denver CO

Further to my previous updates (Nth Carolina, New York, Chicago), there’s an update in from the Denver SSC.
Here’s an update on the Denver rally, scheduled for Saturday morning.
In addition the Saabers attending (at least one person is driving up from Texas to join us!), a representative from the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and at least 4 CO State Legislators will be on hand!
We’re expecting very good coverage by the media, at least one TV station has confirmed they’ll be there. Given the legislative presence, I expect even more media.
As a reminder, we’re meeting at Mile Hi Body Shop, 519 Lipan St, Denver, CO at 10am.
At 10:40, we’ll convoy to the State Capitol (200 E. Colfax Ave, entering from 14th Ave). We’ll arrange the cars on the west side rotunda parking area, and have presentations from the west Capitol steps.
For last minute info contact either Jerry Danner 303-910-5520 or Andy Malkiel 303-638-9206.

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